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From 2006 to 2011, The FULL MOON Show has had the pleasure of hosting these fine individuals:

Kerry Lai Fatt
Kerry Lai Fatt

Television Characters:
Tori Chadwick - Skyrunners
Sunny - The Weight
Julie Cordry - Paradise Falls
Sarah Chen - Falcon Beach
Phoenix - Metropia

Get Smart

Joanne Alderson

Actor, TV Host

Character: Brook – Smart Woman’s Survival Guide, WTN
NBA XL - Raptors TV, Sportsnet

Cory Lee
Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Dancer

Sinful Innocence, 2007
What a Difference a Day Makes, 2005
2005 Juno Nomination
2006 Indie Music Award, Pop Artist of the Year
2x Winner of Canadian Radio Music Award

Character: Karma – Instant Star, CTV Network, The N


Kiyoshi Nagata
Taiko Performer
Nagata Shachu (formerly Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble)

(Photo by George Whiteside)
Madam Adrienne Clarkson

Governor General of Canada (1999 - 2005)

Privy Councillor and Companion of the Order of Canada
Co-chair - Institute for Canadian Citizenship www.icc-icc.ca

Journalist and Author
Heart Matters (Memoir)

Tori Allen

Q – CBC Radio I
Metro Morning – CBC Radio I
Character: Contest Girl – GO!, CBC Radio I

Mel Tsuji
Journalist, Radio & TV Producer

Nikkei Voice Newspaper
CBC Radio & Television

Radio Host, Thai music program; Saturdays 10:00pm – 12:00am
Fairchild Radio, AM 1430

Ashley Ingram
The Ashley Ingram School of Music (Toronto)
Recipient 2007 BMI Award
Grammy Music Award Winner

Artistic Collaborations:
Crystal Kay
Mariah Carey
Christine Aguilera
Destiny’s Child
Imagination (1981 – 1990)


Shirley Camia
Producer – CBC Radio I
Character: Contest Girl – Go! CBC Radio I

Pedro Mendes
Producer & Host

R330 – CBC Radio 3
GO! – CBC Radio

Emm Gryner
Emm Gryner
Canadian Independent Singer-Songwriter
3x Juno Nominee

Board Member - Songwriters Association of Canada
Co-host - Under the Covers, CBC Radio I
Collective Member - Cake Sale (Ireland)


Jowi Taylor

Nightstream – CBC Radio 2
The Wire (2006 Peabody Award Radio Series) – CBC Radio 2
Global Village – CBC Radio I, 2 and Radio Canada International
CKLN Radio 88.1FM (1982 – 1995)

Event Organizer
Six String Nation


Glen Gabriel and Brian Lee
Asiansploitation Comedy Troupe

Lee Carter
Lee Carter

Live From London
- CFNY 'The Spirit of Radio', 1982 - 1992
CBC Radio 1 & 2
BBC Radio

Frank Hayashi
Frank Hayashi

Singer-Songwriter, Percussionist, Lead Vocalist - Samba Squad (Toronto)

David Celia
David Celia
Singer - Songwriter

The FULL MOON Show is proud to be part of David's new ventures in Japan.

Ryan Isojima
Ryan Isojima
Singer - Songwriter/Vocalist - The Framework
Solo Artist - Chisai Jackson

Robert Mills (Singer - Songwriter)
David Yoon (Percussions)
Big Ideas

Casey Mecija
Jenny Mecija

Vocalists & Multi-Instrumentalists - Ohbijou

Mayko Nguyen
Actor - Film, Theatre & Television

Ming: Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures
Goth Girl: Rent-a-Goalie
Mayko: ReGenesis

Courtney Wing
Singer - Songwriter

Sojin Chun
Photographer, Curator & Multi-Media Visual Artist

Daniel Lee
April Aliermo (Vocalist/Multi- Instrumentalist)
Hooded Fang

Other notable 'house guests' not pictured above include:
Carlos Bustamante (The Zone, YTV), Catherine Jheon
(Food Blog, Food TV; Beyond Burgers, Metro Morning, CBC Radio I), Garvia Bailey (Host of Big City Small World, CBC Radio I), Adam Vaughan (Toronto City Councillor, Trinity-Spadina; Station Manager, CKLN 88.1FM 1989-1991) and Sora Olah (Co-host of Street Eats, Sun TV).

About The FULL MOON Show

The FULL MOON Show (Tuesdays, 10pm-11pm, EST) broadcasts live on CKLN 88.1 FM in Toronto, Canada – and on the Net at www.ckln.fm

The FULL MOON Show is a music-format program that strives to provide the best in
J-pop, J-rock, Dance, Alternative, R&B, Techno, etc, music from Japan and other parts of East Asia. We also expose our listeners to the music of East Asian artists throughout the Americas, whether they are first or fifth generation.

The FULL MOON Show also airs brief spoken-word segments about arts/cultural events, artists and personalities, etc, with an East Asian connection.

... the moonlight and ...

From 2006 to 2011, The FULL MOON Show has had the pleasure of interviewing and presenting the following artists, as part of its Artist Profile series:

Moulann (Toronto, Canada)

Toswi (Tokyo, Japan)

Vienna Teng (USA)

Corrinne May (San Francisco/Singapore)

Odessa Chen (L.A., USA)

Chisai Jackson (Toronto, Canada)

Frog Pilot (Tokyo, Japan)

Kevin So (NY, USA)

Courtney Wing (Montreal, Canada)

NLC (Vancouver, Canada)

Overground Acoustic Underground (Tokyo, Japan)

Ashley Ingram (Toronto, Canada, UK)

The Emeralds (Yokohama, Japan)

Cory Lee (Toronto/Vancouver, Canada)

Justin Nozuka (Toronto, Canada)

Gien Wong (Toronto, Canada)

Electrico (Singapore)

Asobi Seksu (NY, USA)

Dengue Fever (L.A., USA)

Kiyoshi Graves (L.A., USA)

Niva Chow (Sticky Rice, Dearly Beloved) (Toronto, Canada)

Ok City Ok (Tokyo, Japan)

Hunter Valentine (Toronto, Canada)

Rachael Lampa (Memphis, USA)

Franki Love (Van Nuys, USA)

Jade McNelis (Montreal, Canada)

Maggie Kim (NY, USA)

China Town Vibes (Toronto, Canada)

Ozomatli (L.A., USA)

Big Ideas (Toronto, Canada)

Ginnicide (L.A., USA)

The Acorn (Ottawa, Canada)

Creature (Montreal, Canada)

PaperDoll (NY, USA)

Mugwumps (Tokyo, Japan)

Sheila Sondergard (San Diego, USA)

Misha (NY, USA)

Fernanda Takai (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Sue Jin (L.A., USA)

Emi Meyer (Seattle, USA)

Phyllis Chang (Burbank, USA)

Hexes & Ohs (Montreal, Canada)

Henry Kapono (Honolulu, USA)

Jenny Choi (Chicago, USA)

Raiatea Helm (Molokai, USA)

Ben Kobayashi (Toronto, Canada)


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